Gondar Gardens

A residential scheme on a complex urban site that uses geometry and form to solve challenging site constraints.

We were asked to design a residential scheme on a challenging infill site. From the start we wanted to understand how we could deliver on the client's commercial ambitions and contribute positively to the quality of the residential street.
Our process involved appropriating key aspects of the neighbourhood vernacular such as the repetitive bay frontages and the well defined pitched roof lines.
    These contextual parameters were then evolved into a formal language that would order the proposal and integrate the building into the site.
    This 'form first' approach enabled us to resolve commercial and contextual constraints simultaneously, resulting in a holistic architectural solution that unifies the building.
      The building is split into a 3 bay module with the outer bays creating family homes and the inner bay forming a pair of apartments. This unique plan gives the spaces a clear identity and helps to personalise the development.
        Status: Ongoing
        Type: 4 residential units
        Gross Internal Area: 420 sqm
        Client: Private
        Architect: Tikari Works
        Visualisation: Darc Studio and Tikari Works